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Tax advisory

We monitor your business daily and make sure that it is always in accordance with the current tax regulations. We consult you about adjustments and corrections to your business processes to reduce the risk of tax violations. Misinformation and misimplementation of tax regulations may cause negative financial effects on your business.

Tax advisors are a part of our team and they can assist you with:

Daily control of data in monthly and quarterly VAT applications

Preparation of tax appeals and complaints

Consulting regarding the taxation of different transactions

Communication with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf

How we save your time and money:

Our accounting team is frequently put through internal training in order to keep up with the current tax regulation changes, which minimizes the risk of error. To adhere to the principles of accuracy and correctness of bookkeeping, we have developed an internal control system to ensure the correctness of bookkeeping and tax records. We possess professional liability for auditors and accountants insurance policy.