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Registration of company

We are professionals in the area of registration of entrepreneurs and companies. Our team members are well-educated individuals - accountants and lawyers, experienced in the formation and keeping of business books for companies and entrepreneurs of different economic areas.

We offer competitive prices, without hidden additional costs..We are well aware that in forming a new business, every penny counts, so we offer affordable prices.

A lot of our clients start their first business venture, thus we made the whole procedure quite easy. Your only task is to choose the name of your company. The rest of the registration procedure is done by our agents as quickly as possible.

In this area, we offer the following services:

Registration of company and entrepreneurship online, from our office, with no need to visit the bank and notary (ONLY for entrepreneurs and legal entities with one owner, with the condition of having a qualified electronic certificate)

Assistance with acquiring the electronic certificate (especially for foreign citizens)

VAT system registration

Set up business phase support

Virtual office service (the base office of your company and an address for receiving official mail)

Digitalization of the mail received and then forwarding it to you to the email address of your choice

How we save your time and money:

We conduct company registration online. In this way, the decision is issued more quickly. We file the request and obtain the electronic certificate (e-signature) for foreign citizens within one working day.