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Taxation and accounting control

It could be a one-time or continuous control.

One-time tax and accounting control signifies that we check the compliance of your business books and business with the current accounting and tax regulations. We do this once, on your demand.

Continuous tax and accounting control are intended for businesses and entrepreneurs who have 'in-house' accounting, i.e. an accounting service within their company. In this case, we conduct continuous control of bookkeeping, VAT records, and compliance with tax legislation, as well as the preparation and submission of the final financial statement and assistance with the preparation of financial reports per your requests and needs.

How we save your time and money:

We use advanced accounting software. Under very favorable terms, the users may acquire a license, and then we enable a continuous connection between our advisors and bookkeepers and your accounting. We have real-time access to the same database. By using cloud and online solutions for documentation delivery we decrease the need for coming to the office, thus saving your time and resources. We also avoid double data listing.