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How to technically carry out the goods complaint procedure
(refund turnover) for goods or services that are
sell in the period before the introduction of new fiscal cash registers?

In the Technical Instructions, there is a note according to which, in the absence of an original fiscal account, if the transaction occurred before the introduction of EFU (electronic fiscal device), the reference number may refer to the account number under which the turnover is recorded in bookkeeping, for example BI: 121 (BI is the number of the fiscal slip).

In the specific case, when filling in the field "Reference number" they use data from the old fiscal slip (IBFM number and BI).

The "reference number" in that case has the following structure: XXXXXXXX-AB123456-159 where:

– XXXXXXXX predefined part;
– AB123456 – IBFM (identification number of the fiscal module of the old fiscal cash register);
- 159 - BI (fiscal clip number).

This technique is applied in cases where the complaint (refund) procedure is carried out for goods or services that were sold in the previous period, when a fiscal slip was initially issued in accordance with the old Law on Fiscal Cashiers.